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Merits of Direct Selling

In the field of business, there have been a lot of advancements and new methods of carrying out the businesses that have emerged. Among these advancements, the method of direct selling has been one of them. The delivery of the products to the consumers by the company without the involvement of the retailers is what the practice if direct selling involves. One of the most considerable businesses in the current days have been the direct selling businesses. The emergence of the direct selling businesses has necessitated the development of companies that deal with these kind of businesses. Also, the direct selling business has benefited both the consumers and the companies dealing with this kind of business.
Direct selling is beneficial because it enhances that the products are delivered to the consumers in a timely manner.

The products are taken direct to the consumers without first selling to the retailers by these companies. Therefore the consumers receives the products at a timely period. Since the process of using the retailers is a lengthy one, the consumers may have to wait for a longer time before they can get their products. Therefore, time saving is one of the merits that the direct selling companies have.
Without the concept of involving the retailers in the delivery of the product to the consumers, direct selling is advantageous because the product is delivered to the consumers with the expected price. Using the retailers in the delivery of products to the consumers may be expensive. The products would be expensive to purchase because the retailers may add the purchasing price of the products. When the products are taken to the consumers directly from the company, then the purchasing price would be reduced. The merit of this is therefore to the customers.

There is easy return of the product to the company by the customers when the direct selling is used. There are times where the products that are sold to the customers have something that would make the customers to have a desire to change the product. With the use of the retailers, returning these products to the company may be a long process. But with the practice of direct selling, the customers can easily return the product for exchange easily because they are able to access the company more easily. There is therefore easy and faster way to exchange these products.

Direct selling enables the company to enjoy full profit on the products and therefore the advantage of the direct selling to the companies. The reason for this is that these companies usually make their sales directly to the consumers without the use of the retailers. When selling the products to the retailers, the company sells the products at a certain price that hinders them from enjoying the full profit of the product.

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