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Tips on How to Get Free Books on Your Kindle

Many people love their kindle but when they factor in the cost of buying books then the desire to fill their kindle with books can be a cumbersome task, but there are ways that a kindle lover can get kindle books free. If the individual has a kindle or eReader then they are used to buying eBooks from a suitable digital store, but most people do not know how that there are plenty of books online and the reasons as to why they are free maybe because of a publisher or a promotion at a bookstore and at times the copyrights have expired which happens after more than 70 years after the author died.

The ideal place to begin the search for free books is an online eBookstore that the eReaser uses, and some sites have as many as 45,000 books, and the person can refine the search by putting in the author, title, then filter the results further by using price, and selecting either free or low price. There are also other online stores apart from kindle, and these websites are free, and after registering the person search for the genre of the book they are interested in, the country they were published in, the state that the reader is from and the eBook store that they are interested in. These websites alert the author when there are free or heavily discounted eBooks in the genres that the person selected on the relevant eBook store then they will get an email that has a link to the eBook that they would like to download.

The public library is a good source of eBooks since they can lend the reader eBooks to read for some weeks on some readers and some of these books can be downloaded in epub format, which is a format that can be read by most eReaders but cannot be read on kindle. Another limiting thing with using the library is that the person cannot download the book directly to the device and they have to visit the library website and follow the links to browse the book library. If the individual decides to rent a book they can then download it on the PC or Mac then transfer it to the eReader by connecting the device to the computer with a USB cable. Alternatively, the books rented through the library, or through other partnering organizations that can be read on all kinds of mobile devices by downloading it using a partner application, and after reading the book, the person returns the book through the library’s website.

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