From Shabby to Chic in Apartments

When I decided to look at luxury apartments for North Las Vegas, I honestly didn’t know if it was something that would become a reality for me. I knew that I was tired of living in the older apartment that I was in though, and I wanted something better for myself. Granted, the price I was paying for that old apartment was pretty low, but the standard of living there was pretty low too. It was so bad that I was even embarrassed to have anyone over even for a meal or a game night.

I looked at some one bedroom units that are located pretty close to where I work, and I was surprised to see how much more I would be getting just for a couple hundred more dollars per month. To me, the move from shabby to chic was definitely worth that small increase in price. The apartment that I have now is so much better in every way imaginable. I have a laundry room right off the kitchen, which is my second favorite part of this new apartment. Never having to go to a shared laundry room again is a dream come true.

My favorite part though is the patio that I have. It is right off the living room, and it is large enough for a small bistro set plus a very comfortable chair that reclines. I spend the majority of my time at home out there, reading or doing work that I brought home. There is even a storage room off of the patio that has come in handy. I can now have a lot more at my apartment because of that, plus the rooms are just bigger altogether. My closet and bathroom are bigger than what my entire bedroom was at my old apartment. I invite people over all the time now!

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