Hiring a Certified Property Management Service Was the Best Choice We Have Made As Landlords

When we owned a couple of houses it was easy to manage everything on our own. As my wife and I added properties, it became more difficult to keep on top of everything. There is so much to do. Every property has to be routinely inspected from drive-by visual checks to on-site inspections. HVAC systems need to be maintained, and we had a couple of commercial properties we had to arrange lawncare services for. There was work every day, and when it got to be too much we looked for a company that provides certified property management to take over some of the work.

We found a company that did such a good job with a portion of the work that we turned over all of the management responsibilities to them for all of our properties. It was much better to pay a fee for management services and have the free time than it was to be putting in hours that could even include late nights and weekends. It gave us time to travel and visit our children and grandchildren and to do things we always wanted to do. We have stable rent properties that provide us a great positive cash flow. The certified property management professionals take care of all of the routine work.

This includes collecting the rent. If you are a landlord, you know that this can be tedious with some tenants. Most of our tenants have the rent automatically deducted from their bank accounts, but we have some that we have to visit in person to collect a check or cash from. This tied us to being in the area at rent payment time. It is freeing to turn the responsibility over to a property management company that streamlines the rent collecting process. We have less problems with late payments, and this improves our positive cash flow.

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