Our Denver Realtor Found Us the Perfect Luxury Place to Live

We wanted a modern place with lots of room and many luxury accoutrements in our new home. Plus, we wanted our new place to not be a standard residential home. We were thinking more about a large apartment in a very nice building. I was not too keen on having to do any landscaping or mowing chores while keeping my new job. My wife contacted luxury Realtors in Denver to find us a place that fit the bill. I heard her talking on the phone with a Realtor in Denver that had a place in mind no matter what she threw at him as one of our many must-haves.

I heard her ask about a place that had four bedrooms. He had a place in mind. I heard her then ask about hardwood floors and liberal use of granite and tile. He said he had a place in mind. She had him on speakerphone, so I could hear both sides of the conversation. Then she asked about tall windows that let in a tremendous amount of natural light. He said he had a really specific place in mind that fit all of her requests so far. He told us we should fly out and take a look. We did, and we were very happy at what he showed us. So happy that we signed on the dotted line right then and there even though it was going to be a couple of months before we would be moving.

Now we are settled in our new place. I really like the big windows. They take away all that cramped feeling I had back at our old place. I always felt closed in there. This home feels much more open and free. The private access is a great feature. I never thought we would be able to get a place like this, but we are living in it!

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